Set Subjects for 2018

Every month, a different set subject is chosen as a challenge to members. The idea is not for you to go through your archives and pull out a picture you shot years ago, but rather to force you to try something you otherwise would not have attempted, thereby taking you out of your comfort zone and exposing you to new ideas and photographic genres, and making you experiment or do research in order to master a new technique and thereby expand your photographic repertoire. Subject definitions are therefore sometimes deliberately narrow to force members to make new images in order to be able to enter.

The topics are chosen to provide a wide range of challenges, and members may submit one image per monthly meeting to compete for the Best Set Subject picture of the month and the annual trophy. Unless otherwise directed, digital manipulation is permitted in your images. 

January 2018 - Children
Plain and simple - knock us dead with your best kiddie pics!


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